Air Quality is of critical importance for human health and well-being. Air pollution is estimated to kill some 9 million people worldwide every year, notably as people exposed to high levels of particulate matter containing toxic elements suffer damage to their respiratory systems and lung capacity. Severe conditions in this respect tend to emanate from the burning of fossil fuels, especially in countries where the quality of fuel is low and regulatory requirements are lax.

Pressures are on to work out ways to address and amend the situation. Qualies engages intensively in this agenda – championing viable innovative solutions and collaborating with organisations that are key for enacting change in various kinds of context. A key aspect is the effort of preparing for the introduction of plant-based eco-friendly solutions capable of boosting a combination of cleaner combustion, energy savings and less emittance of dangerous particulates. Partly related, Qualies engages with international partners on smart solutions to enable measurement of and engagement by citizens and local communities of what quality of air they inhale and how adjustments can be made to enable an improved situation. As part of a global network of partners, breakthroughs for such solutions are aimed for in multiple countries.