Qualies engaged in paving the way for Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to the planting of trees and cultivating biological diversity, going more than a decade back. The phenomenon of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, declining water tables, etc., is paramount in many parts of the world. In the last years, Qualies focused on pursuing pilot plantations in the south of Oman, the Dhofar Region, pursued as a pilot – the Social and Environmental Reforestation Programme (SERC), sponsored by bp Oman and pursued in close collaborationwith the Environmental Authority (EA). This particular progamme responds to the particular issues and opportunities that are characteristic of the Dhofar region, notably the Khareef and fog forest, read more:

Other plantations with native trees are under implementation in various regions of the Sultanate, such as Sur (collaborative project with Madayn) and Sohar (co-managed with Sohar Port & FreeZone).Pilot plantations with fruit trees and other income generating tree species are also explored as part of the water saving technology initiatives. Part of the objective in this case is to investigate how planting with water-saving technologies can influence and improve prevailing farming practices in support of multi-functionality and for more sustainable outcome.


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